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Whether you are looking for individual, couples, or family therapy, you can find the help you need to get started with a path to healing and recovery. Some of the more common issues are listed here, but there are many other problems in life that can also be addressed in therapy as well.

Anxiety and Panic

Constant worry, easily tired, difficulty concentrating, panic attacks, and specific phobias


Unmotivated, irritability, sleeping and/or eating issues, and often feeling sad, hopeless, and empty

High Risk

Self-harm, suicidal thoughts or attempts, runaway, drug use, and other recklessness behaviors

Adjustment to Trauma

Flashbacks, nightmares, constantly on edge, and avoidance of certain places, people, or things

Stress Management

Often overwhelmed and not able to adjust to significant or minor changes in life

Relationship Conflicts

Constant tension in the home environment, and conflicts between couples, parents, and kids


Through the utilization of different therapeutic models, you can learn how to accept, cope, and recover from the symptoms that are causing so much trouble in your life. Many have thought there is no hope and just resorted to accepting their life as is, but evidence has shown the great results that therapy can have in the lives of people.

Healthy Relationships

Learn how to interact with others in and out your family in a healthy and appropriate way

Cope with Life Changes

Learn to embrace change and other stressors in your life, and not let life overwhelm you

Repair Intimacy

Learn to better connect with your significant other with healthy communication and boundaries

Reduce Symptoms

Learn coping and relaxation skills to battle most of the symptoms that are effecting you

Process the Past

Work through past emotions and feelings that continue to ruminate in your mind


Create a plan to implement safe behavior while working on the underlying symptoms causing them

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